«In the retrofuturistic late 80’s, four kids developed a passion for creating drones. Anyway, there has to be a master in this art. They compete in order to know who will rise upon all. Welcome to Inspire, our drone racing game.»Zenon Games


Inspire is a drone racing game for PC programmed with C ++. It was developed by Zenon Games, a group formed by 5 students of Multimedia Engineering in their last year of career. During this year our career follows the methodology of Project-Based Learning, which evaluates all the knowledge learned in each subject in a single joint project: Inspire.

As it is a project with educational purposes, each and every part of the game is made by our group: Our own 3D physics engine, artificial intelligence, graphic engine using OpenGL, 2D and 3D art, the network engine for the mode multiplayer, the mechanics, sounds and music, animations with motion capture

In addition, the game must run on a target computer with extremely low components. Therefore, the game must be as optimized as possible.




My main contributions to the project have been:

  • Design and programming of the 3D physics engine. With physics adapted to the movement of the drone and 3D collisions using spheres and OBB (oriented bounding boxes) and an Octree.
  • Programming the movement and behavior of the different cameras.
  • Management of positions and laps in the race. Game cycle.
  • Interpolation of all the dynamic entities of the game.
  • Design of 103 Fuzzy Rules for decision making of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Scheduling for AI processes and Detail of Level behavior.
  • Programming the mechanics of the 6 types of Power-Ups that can be used in the game.
  • Frustum Culling to optimize the graphic engine.  Objects that are not seen, are not drawn.
  • 3D Modeling and textured 2 drones and part of the final map.