Bring RGBack!


Bring RGBack is a vertical scrolling shoot ‘em up developed for Amstrad CPC 464. It is programmed with Assembly by the Dead Pixel group. It is part of the subject «Videogames» of the last year of career.

The game is developed in assembler to improve the ability to program at low level and to really know the computer and how it works.
Bring RGBack was presented to the contest CPCRetroDev 2018.

The game consists of overcoming zones, avoiding obstacles and killing enemies, in order to recover the RGB colors to a world that has remained in black and white.


I was in charge of developing the complete behavior of artificial intelligence of all types of enemies. Behaviors like watching an area, attacking you, chasing you, shooting to prevent you from progressing…

I also did the level design of all the zones of the map. Which follow a learning curve that introduces the different types of obstacles and enemies as you progress in the game.